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Breaking up and making up at Alaska Republican Party reconvention If you thought that the inner squabbling and drama that has taken over the Alaska Republican Party was over after April's dramatic and squabbling party convention, think again. Sen. He put out a call for state Republicans to finish what they started at thetumultuous state GOP convention in late April. Millette is a supporter of GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul. Senate candidate Joe Miller, Millette captured the hearts and minds of Alaska's Paul supporters and dissatisfied Republicans to win the state GOP chairmanship at the April convention. But the saga over who will take control of the party and when continued Saturday as GOP delegates from across thethe Vancouver Canucks nhl jerseys 2014 state reconvened the convention. It started in the morning, when shortly after they arrived at the Anchorage Baptist Temple school, they were told to go home by outgoing party chairman Randy Ruedrich. Only 191 delegates showed up. The party needed 275 to form a quorum. Thus, official party business could not be conducted, Ruedrich concluded, rather satisfactorily. Indeed, Ruedrich and others in the party had been encouraging delegates not to show up so the party couldn't conduct official business. Such business would have involved ousting him immediately as chair, instead of waiting until Feb. 13, when Millette is scheduled to take over Ruedrich's post. In an attempt to avoid having a quorum, Ruedrich himself had suggested to delegates that instead of attending Saturday's convention, they "go fishing." Other party members had sent emails and placed phone calls to urge delegates to skip Saturday's meeting. After Ruedrich gaveled out Saturday morning, there were the predictable boos, the occasional shouts, accusations of disenfranchisement, and threats of a lawsuit against Ruedrich. The group, what was left of it anyway, then decided to meet again at a church in downtown Anchorage Saturday afternoon to continue unsanctioned party business. At the very least, the thinking went, those who spent hundreds of dollars coming to Anchorage from other areas of the state for the reconvening would be able to spend the rest of the day having a voice with others who feel as disenfranchised as they do. Doing away with dynasties One of the first points of business for the 1 or so in the church's basement was to elect former state lawmaker Jerry Ward, who has a long and sundry history in Alaska politics, to run the meeting. Then they needed a name and a purpose. After some debate, "The Committee to Help the Alaska Republican Party," was chosen. Its purpose: to send recommendations on party rule changes and other issues to the statestate Flames blackhawk jerseys for kids central committee for consideration. After the name was chosen, is was debated whether members of the media which would be this reporter and a photographer would be allowed toto Penguins White cheap team hockey jerseys stay in the room. Rebecca Logan, who manages the pro oil industry group Alaska Support Industry Alliance, amongamong Flames sweden hockey jerseys a few others, were against it. Ward, who has not been treated particularly kindly by the press, reassured the group that it was OK. The reporter and photographer were allowed to stay, and then they got down to business. Among other things, thethe Calgary Flames White ice hockey protective gear group voted to change the way delegate feesfees nhl teams jerseys are paid and changed the so called "dynasty rule," which keeps a new party chair waiting eight months before he takes his seat. They also voted on a resolution brought by Logan that the party not give campaign contributions to any state senators who had joined the Senate bipartisan collation the coalition that's been in the majority since 27 and didn't go far enough in Gov. Sean Parnell's mind to "reform" oil taxes. This recommendation came out of the natural resources committee of the Republican Party, chaired by Logan, who fought for it on the floor. If the rules are enacted by the central committee, the six senators who would be denied party funds include such Republican stalwarts as Kevin Meyer and Tom Wagoner, the latter a former opponent of Ward's. Sen. Lisa Murkowski for joining "far left interest groups" and "maliciously attacking" Joe Miller, who ran as a tea party candidate in the 2010 Senate race, but lost in the general election to Murkowski's write in campaign. Censuring didn't stopstop Pittsburgh Penguins Black custom hockey jerseys ottawa with Murkowski. The group also voted to censure a handful of Republican Party officials who weren't in the room. It's unclear as some pointed out what any of this will do to smooth tensions between the two factions of the party. Such tensions have been so high that Millette recently sent an email to supporters, claiming that his wife is "concerned about my physical safety, well being and wholeness." (Watchers of GOP politics will remember in 28 how Miller, who also had aspirations of taking over the party, believed Ruedrich was out to hurt him). In an interview Saturday, Millette said he isn't worried about his safety. The 66 year old said he had a hip operation recently and was worried about falling on the floor. Frank McQueary, the assistant treasurer of the Alaska GOP, went as far as to channel Vice President Spiro Agnew's affinity for alliteration in an email sent to supporters: "There has been a lot of pretentious persiflage precipitated by the preposterous perception that Randy Ruedrich is somehow responsible whenever one of the anointed Ron Paulinistas does something stupid," he wrote. Neither did Saturday's meetings portend a smooth upcoming election cycle, one of the more important ones in the state's history. Because of redistricting, 59 of 60 legislative seats are up for election.



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